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    I have searched everywhere for documentation on this, but I can&#039;t find it anywhere. I am using javascript to capture all of the items out of a list box to pass to another form. I have the values passing using Reques.Form("mylistbox"). The problem is they are passing as one string, 1,3,3,etc...., I would like to know how to break them up so I can set each value equal to <BR>Code1<BR>Code2<BR>Code3<BR>I need it to go up to ten and if the values aren&#039;t there I need to set them to null.<BR><BR>Thanks A Million

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    Default You missed the obvious...

    &#060;%<BR>codes = Split( Request("mylistbox"), ", " )<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>And you are done!<BR><BR>Now, instead of using Code1, Code2, etc., you simply use codes(0), codes(1), etc.<BR><BR>See also this thread:<BR><BR>

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