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    For those who have been trying to help me connect to my SQL 2000 database using Access 2000 (thanks, by the way). As I am still unable (and my site remains down), I&#039;m tempted to simply write an ASP script to create the tables I need and then move the data using a script.<BR>Can I effectively create tables in ASP code? I&#039;m trying to piece together what the statement would be, a couple of things I&#039;m not sure of...<BR><BR>create table mytable (ID numeric, username varchar(20)...joined datetime, lastvisit datetime)<BR><BR>I&#039;m using numeric rather than int cuz it seems that int is maximum 4 digits long. Also I need the ID to be unique, but not an auto increment ID. How do I do this? Otherwise everything else is either varchar, int, or datetime.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.

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    Here is an example of a CREATE TABLE SQL Statement writen for SQL Server.<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE Customers<BR><BR>(<BR> CustomerNo int IDENTITY NOT NULL, <BR> CustomerName varchar(30) NOT NULL, <BR> Address1 varchar(30) NOT NULL,<BR> Address2 varchar(30) NOT NULL,<BR> City varchar(20) NOT NULL,<BR> State char(2) NOT NULL,<BR> Zip varchar(10) NOT NULL,<BR> Contact varchar(15) NOT NULL,<BR> Phone char(15) NOT NULL,<BR> FedIDNo varchar(9) NOT NULL,<BR> DateInSystem smalldatetime NOT NULL<BR>)

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    Default Use Int

    Int uses *4* bytes of data. The values can range from -2,147,483,647 to 2,147,483,647<BR><BR>*numeric* stores decimal values and takes more space.<BR><BR>What&#039;s wrong with auto increment?

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