Hi There!<BR><BR>I am implementing the code in the article named "Paging through Records using a Stored Procedure" on the 4Guys website. <BR><BR>I have one issue that I am hoping someone can help me out with:<BR><BR>I am collecting user input from an html form. When the user clicks the submit button, a query is run against my database and the query results are displayed in a table. I am trying to set this up so that the data returned is displayed in pages as per the article&#039;s code. When I click on the "next" or "previous" buttons, I get errors relating to missing data from the form, i.e, when the code is called from the "next" or "previous" button, I no longer have values for the parameters which were submitted from the form. Is there any way for this form data to be persistent...i.e, how can I continuously pass the form data to the page when the "next" or "previous" buttons are pressed.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.<BR>