persisting a recordset from page to page?

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Thread: persisting a recordset from page to page?

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    sol rosenberg Guest

    Default persisting a recordset from page to page?

    Does anyone have a way to pass an ADO recordset from page to page without sticking it in a session variable?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

    Default RE: persisting a recordset from page to page?

    I have not seen a way but what I have seen people do that is similar and is quite fast is to do this.<BR>Page 1) Open connection to DB and create a recordset.<BR>Do whatever you want to it, bookmark records, filter it whatever...THEN save the recordset to a file, using a unique identifier (for that user...IF it requires it) <BR>!!If there will be a different recordset for each user or recordsets can differ, put them into a different directory, so you can write a WSH file to go in each day and delete old recordset files !!!<BR>Page 2) Open a recordset file from the saved (I like to name my saved recordsets with a .rec file extension, you can use .txt or whatever you want)...OPening a file using FSO compared to a connection is MUCH MUCH faster. <BR><BR>This is the only real effeicent way I have seen, just make sure you keep your file maintence in mind. It is NOT a good idea to put objects into session variables. You create way to much overhead for the server ( that is if you are expecting traffic ).<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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