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    Hi,<BR><BR>We have the following situation:<BR>Two .asp files:<BR>poll.asp<BR>results.asp<BR><BR>POLL.ASP contains a question with 3 answers. When the users submit to RESULT.ASP page here a function read the parameter, write the result in the database and show the results.<BR><BR>If the user pushes the REFRESH button in this situation we will have another write in the database with the same parameter. In this situation HTTP_REFERER is not useful.<BR><BR>Do you have any idea how to detect if the user came from POLL.ASP or he uses the REFRESH button?<BR><BR>I could solve this by redirecting from RESULTS.ASP to another page that only show the results, or by using a session variables or cookies but in my case the user is note limited to only one vote (the computer is shared)<BR><BR>Thank you for any suggestion.

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    Default going about it the wrong way

    why bother trying to detect a refresh (which you can&#039;t do anyway, at least not easily)? why not make it so that a refresh would be harmless? simply do the insert in a page with no HTML output, and redirect from that to the thank you page. much simpler.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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