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    I am calling a DLL to populate an object. There is a certain record within the object that I want to skip. Here&#039;s what I have:<BR><BR>strRemainingVehicles = Trim(objPolicyIntInfo.PolicyVehLabel(int(intIndex) )) <BR>IF strRemainingVehicles = strVehName THEN <BR> strRemainingVehicles.movenext<BR>END IF<BR><BR>The problem is that .movenext does not work. Any suggestions?

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    Default Please clarify "does not work"

    I&#039;d suggest response.writing strRemainingVehicles and strVehName to see why your IF statement isn&#039;t firing off.

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    Default RE: Skipping a record

    Looks like you&#039;re trying to do a .movenext on a string. You need to do it on your recordset.

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