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    Thanks to those who gave me advice earlier...<BR>I think I&#039;m moving my site to a server with SQL 2000. They told me though that I need to obtain a copy of SQL Enterprise Manager in order to move my data from my Access database to the SQL one.<BR>Is this something I need to buy? And will the client run on windows 98? The only time I used Enterprise manager it was sitting on the server itself.

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    yes, the desktop edition will run on 98 no problem at all. you can get a 60 day trial from the MS SQLServer website, however it&#039;s fairly expensive to get a full version. It should be possible, though, to connect via Access. Set up a system DSN to connect to the live server via TCP/IP and you can then connect Access to it. You don&#039;t get all the features by any means, but it&#039;s a half-decent stopgap. I believe Access also comes with an upsizing wizard for moving data to SQL Servers, though since I run SQL Server here I&#039;ve never had cause to even think of using it.<BR><BR>In access - file-&#062;open-&#062;select &#039;ODBC databases&#039; in &#039;file types&#039; and pick your DSN<BR><BR>I&#039;ve connected to SQL with Access though, and it&#039;s a fine, if utilitarian method of getting the job done. Is this a serious step up for you?<BR><BR>what most people do - and by &#039;most people&#039; I mean I don&#039;t advocate this - is to &#039;borrow&#039; a copy of SQL to install the desktop version at home. If you work at a web agency you can usually persuade people by saying you need it to occassionally work from home, and reearch SQLServer for work. But don&#039;t think for a moment I&#039;m advocating this unofficial method (MS, if you&#039;re watching, I don&#039;t do this, I don&#039;t need to!)<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/<BR>[MS MVP, IIS]

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