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    Can anyone explain how to call an Access97 function (or module) from ASP similar to calling a SQL7 stored procedure .... pleeese.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default thank Joe Fawcett for this one

    the following was provided (via an Access discussion group) by a guy called &#039Joe Fawcett&#039<BR><BR>===<BR><BR>The foolowing code runs a sub named &#039runMacro&#039 on the server:<BR>Dim appAccess<BR> Dim sPath<BR><BR> &#039 Create instance of Access Application object.<BR> Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application.8")<BR> &#039 Open database in Microsoft Access window.<BR> sPath = Server.Mappath(relative path to database )<BR> appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase sPath<BR> &#039 Run Sub procedure.<BR> appAccess.Run "runMacro"<BR> Set appAccess = Nothing<BR><BR>The sub can easily run a macro by using the DoCmd object<BR><BR>===<BR><BR>i have never personally used this...

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