I&#039;m trying to use code given on<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/110100-1.2.shtml<BR><BR>B4 i try my code I wanted to test the code as it is, but it gives error:<BR>error &#039;80072eff&#039; <BR>/test1.asp, line 9 <BR><BR>Page is on webserver - IIS 5.0<BR><BR>line 9 is - xml.Send "select=All&for=The Usual Suspects"<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with this?Also in case I want to pass data from previous form how can i replace input value ?<BR><BR>for eg: on previous form user would enter telephone, zip which I need to pass to someother site, whatever reply comes I&#039;ve to show that to user. <BR>In above eg. value has been typed in directly, but I need to get value from response.form("tel")<BR><BR>I&#039;d greatly appreciate any help.<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>