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    I have a table that houses the id from a look-up table. For this example, I'll call the table to be edited REPORTS and the lookup table STATES. The REPORTS table houses the state id from the STATES table. When I query a report from the REPORTS table and display its contents in an edit form, I would like to display a drop-down of the states - with the State originally selected as the "selected" value while still listing all other states. Is this possible, and if so, where can I find an example? Thanks!

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    yes its possible<BR><BR>USE ASP loop to go thought the results, one by one<BR><BR>with <BR>response.write("HTML CODE")<BR>response.write("value from table")<BR><BR><BR>that probably makes no sence.<BR><BR>Well when i did it, i made a loop up to the number of options i wanted to display.<BR><BR>Then i made the loop write HTML code to the client, with the ASP supplying the variable each time.<BR><BR><BR>has that made any more sence??<BR>probably not<BR>If your still confused if find my code for you.<BR>If im completely off let me know and ill leave you alone. hehe<BR><BR>Tony (Acuum)<BR>

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