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    I have a pdf file that i call from my page.<BR>My site uses SSL.<BR>I want to call the pdf files into a javascript window, so i <BR>have to use a full path extension otherwise my site may throw an error if my security settings wont allow the file to be saved to disk from an encrypted site.<BR>If i use a full http path extension in javascript i get<BR>"Error: Access is Denied." and the page isnt even displayed<BR><BR>how do i get around this<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    This might be Javascript security, it basically stops you doing something on a different domain, so if you page is:<BR><BR>http://localhost/page.htm<BR><BR>and the javascript on this tries to access <BR><BR><BR><BR>this would be classed as a different domain and would give you access denied.

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