How to use MAP in asp???

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Thread: How to use MAP in asp???

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    Default How to use MAP in asp???

    Hi all<BR><BR>My requirement is that i will have a map on my asp page and i need to highlight those cities which meet some particular conditions from database.<BR><BR>Now when user clicks on 1 or more cities which are highligted then i need to display all the Health services available in those cities from city is associated with some services...<BR><BR>Can any one post me some sample code or give me links to some sites where similar functionality is used?<BR><BR>Thanxs<BR>Ken<BR><BR>

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    Default You mean GIS

    or Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is not simply a matter of having code. You also need the server components (which are not free) to publish maps over the web. Expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars on that. You also need to have the basic data (roads, city limits, etc..) some of which you can get from the US Census, others you might have to created yourself (which means you need another piece of software to write the files). There are several companies that make web mapping software: ESRI (, AutoDesk (, MapInfo, and Intergraph are the others. ESRI is the leading GIS software company with about a 60% market share and is what I have used for the most part.

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