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    Hi..<BR><BR>I have a stupid question that I can&#039;t seem to find an answer to anywhere: when writing to a database, do I have to do anything to make sure one user doesn&#039;t write to it while another user has it open? Is there an article or something somewhere about how to work with reading from and writing to databases? There are tons of things in the file which point to the fact that I should be doing something to ensure that connections to my databases get opened in the right mode, but I can&#039;t figure what modes I should be using.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>phil - learning on the job..

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    ... depends on the DB - nearly all have built-in record locking, but implemented diferent ways. Access has a fairly clumsy locking model, higher range DBs like SQLServer and Oracle have very refined locking schemes. basically, it&#039;s taken care of for you to an extent. It&#039;s a prety rare event though...<BR><BR>j

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