Hi people!<BR><BR>I&#039ve just been given the lovely task of specc&#039ing a Web Server to host one of our products (we&#039re a Software House). (Un?)fortunately, those wonderful fella&#039s in Programming have gone and written the whole thing in ASP. I understand that IIS is not the only web server that supports ASP, but I can&#039t seem to find references to any others. Anywhere.<BR><BR>Is there a comprehensive list of servers that support ASP around anywhere, or does anyone know the best place to start looking?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help you can give.. :)<BR><BR>Alexi<BR><BR>PS: I know that it is extremely bad netiquette, and that I shall probably get flamed for asking, but would it at all be possible to be cc&#039d in the response &#060;alexi@i.am&#062; ? If not, then don&#039t worry about it... ;o