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    syam prasad Guest

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    this is the problem iam facing when dealing with sessions.<BR>as said i could not able to accsses the session variable on<BR>all pages.iam using visual interdev and iis.and one more problem is when i initialize a varaible in session onstart and change the value of that variable in a page and view the same variable <BR>afterwards the changes are not affecting.my browser supports cookies.what may be the reason and how i can solve this

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    Mark Guest

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    It sounds like you may be using frmaes.<BR><BR>If you are using Frames, two different Session IDs could be created, depending on how you setup your Frame pages (e.g. one Session ID for the left frame, a second Session ID for the right frame. This makes maintaining user state very problematic. Make sure that your frame definition page is an *.asp page, not a *.htm page. Or, make sure that a single asp page is viewed first to establish a single Session ID.

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