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    Bruce Heller Guest

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    Well, I&#039m curently building a message board (a litle more powerfull than this one ;-). But I&#039m facing a BIG problem :<BR><BR>I recive the content on messages in a standard textarea within a form. In the database, the datatype for this object is a memo. But when I want to display the content, it doesn&#039t keep the layout.<BR><BR>Example :<BR><BR>Hello<BR>Worlds<BR><BR>CU<BR><BR>Will be displayed like that :<BR><BR>Hello Worlds CU<BR><BR>Not very nice... Is there a way to keep the layout ? (must be, because this board does it :) !<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>A+++<BR>Bruce

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Hi Bruce,<BR><BR>When you write the memo field back out to the user, replace the carriage return/line feed pairs in the data field with the HTML line break tag <BR>.<BR><BR> - Mike<BR>

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    Bruce Heller Guest

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    Thank you, this is it !<BR><BR>Now, for everybody who may need this, here is how to add this to your code :<BR><BR>&#060;% =Replace(Result("Name"), vbcrlf, "<BR>") %&#062;<BR><BR>Happy programing !<BR><BR>A+++<BR>Bruce<BR>

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    Bruce Heller Guest

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    Ooops, didn&#039t work :)<BR><BR>I try it again :<BR><BR>&#060;% =Replace(ContRes("postcncn"), vbcrlf, "&lt;BR&gt;") %&#062;

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