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    Looking for an example of creating a dynamic survey that is tied in with a database. A survey via web that will ask questions, allow what type of answer that is expected eg. checkoxes, option buttons, dropdown, text field. Which is all saved within a database. There are lot of poll asp examples. But what I want to do is more advance then a simple poll. Basically have a user be able to create a survey that saves all answers within a database without having him/her touch a database or code.

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    Wait, so you want to build your own survery-builder page? I don&#039;t understand how that is advanced. I think it would be easy enough, just have a database with a user id, survey id as a child to user id, and survey line id as a child to survey id, and have an ASP page where people can sign in based on user id, create surveys based on survey id, and maintain surveys based on survey line id.<BR><BR>Search Google for examples, but it should be easy enough to write in a day or two.

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