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    Im looking for some sort of mousebutton control.<BR><BR>How can you see if someone right- och left- clicks on a page?<BR><BR>Not on an image or button but anywhere on a page.<BR><BR>ThanX 4 answer

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    I am going to assume that you are using IE&#039s DOM, I don&#039t know much about Netscapes DOM - who needs to when you are developing on intranets :) I would guess that Netscape has a similar implementation of this element and event.<BR><BR>There is an event for the body element called &#039onmousedown&#039. One of the events properties is &#039button&#039 that will tell you which one was pressed. <BR><BR>I found this information in the MSDN Web Workshop - DHTML Reference - Events. If you don&#039t have the CD version they have the same info online - it is just not as fast and easy to search!

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