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    Hi, <BR><BR>I have one 4 list boxes in the search page. User can selects either one or more from the list boxes. How can I make SQL statement where it will check both "OR" and "AND" condition. <BR>For example: <BR>SQL="SELECT * FROM tblname WHERE item_no=" & Request.Form("item")& OR item_name=&#039;" & Request.Form("name")& "&#039; OR description=&#039;" &Request.Form("description")&" OR item_no=" & Request.Form("item")& AND item_name=&#039;" & Request.Form("name")& "&#039; AND description=&#039;" &Request.Form("description")&"&#039;" <BR><BR>Please somebody help me on this. <BR>THANKS.

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    As given to me by Bill-to create the search syntax<BR>Dont know about OR/AND<BR><BR>

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