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    OK.....yesterday, I posted a question about generating a RANDOM ID number for a database (like Access&#039; Autonumber "data type" will do if you select random).<BR><BR>When I upsized the database to SQL, I got a field of type "int" with a default value of (0) and Identity set to No.<BR><BR>This SEEMS to be generating random ID numbers, just as I want.<BR><BR>While I know the old adage "if it ain&#039;t broke, don&#039;t fix it", I&#039;m concerned that though I *think* it&#039;s working, it&#039;s not.<BR><BR>Can anyone confirm that SQL is, in fact, doing what I want it to and that I&#039;m not going to have a problem down the road somewhere?

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    Those settings in the table don&#039;t create a random ID field. So, as you pointed out yesterday, there has to be a trigger on the table. Right-click the table in Enterprise manager and check if there are any triggers on the table that generate the random ID.<BR><BR>And if there is one, can you post that here? I&#039;m just curious if the solution I came up with yesterday is something similair to what the Upsize-wizard generated.

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