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    Please Help : -<BR>Although I am able to add new records to my databse fine and the date comes out in the correct format for me of dd/mm/yyyy but when I create a report of the information the date appears in American format mm/dd/yy . How do I change this?<BR>I am creating a record set called rs and to call the date up I am using the following &#060;% = rs("OrderDate").Value%&#062;

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    the easiest solution to this problem is to display the date in the format &#039dd mmmm yyyy&#039 by using the following:<BR><BR>&#062; &#060;% = FormatDateTime(rs("OrderDate").Value, vbLongDate)%&#062;<BR><BR>however, this may not be suitable.<BR><BR>i get terribly confused abouth the &#039dd/mm&#039-&#039mm/dd&#039 problem. i understand it is ODBC SQL which HAS to use the american format.<BR><BR>a few possible solutions/queries:<BR><BR>* are the regional settings on the server set to British or US?<BR>* you MAY even have joy with :<BR>&#062; &#060;% = FormatDateTime(rs("OrderDate").Value, vbShortDate)%&#062;<BR>it may force the date back into dd/mm/yy... kinda hopeful tho...

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