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    I have two tables <BR><BR>table 1 - firstname, lastname and ordernumber <BR>table 2 - ordernumber, order <BR><BR>I want to put these two tables into one table showing not only the matching ordernumbers between them, but also all of the firstnames and lastnames, whether they have an ordernumber or not. Like this:<BR><BR>table 3 - firstname, lastname, ordernumber, order <BR><BR><BR>Please help.<BR>

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    SELECT firstname,lastname,t1.Ordernumber,t2.Order FROM table1 t1 LEFT OUTER JOIN<BR>table2 t2 on t1.Ordernumber = t2.Ordernumber<BR><BR>the LEFT OUTER join assures that the fname and lname are displayed even when there&#039;s no corresponding record in table2

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