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    hi,<BR><BR>I have a data-driven ASP page which has a Javascript built on the fly based on records in my table. The rows are presented in a tree format & i&#039;m using the &#060;layer&#062; tag to hide/unhide. Typically there are over 125 layers each of which may contain a Form & a checkbox inside.<BR><BR>The problem is when i try to close a node with lot of child nodes, for some seconds, the text is garbled & its not v.elegant to look at. Is there any way to gracefully do this & to make the hide/unhide process faster <BR><BR>I have a collection of Javascript functions that are together abt 490 lines long in the data-driven ASP page that&#039;s 625 lines long which finally blows up to over 1500 lines when the page is finally downloaded onto the clients<BR>machine.<BR><BR>In IE5 ( altho not in NN4) I get the message -<BR><BR>A script on this page is causing IE to run slowly. If it continues to run,your computer may become unresponsive.<BR>Do you want to abort the script<BR><BR>I need suggestions & pointers on the net where i can find info on<BR>optimisation of Javascript code so that I don&#039;t have any performance probs & the page loads fast.<BR><BR><BR>thanks for your time<BR>

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    without seeing the code I can&#039;t tell you where you&#039;re going wrong, but it sounds like you have a nasty big loop there somewhere. I don&#039;t recommend you dump 1500 lines of code in here though. best bet would be to look around, maybe on for hints and tips on making this page faster. <BR><BR>j<BR>

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