I nead your advice.<BR><BR>I have a "user" and a "string" table.<BR>The data in the string table are bilingual (string.english, string.french).<BR>What your be the fastest way of doing thing.<BR><BR>Having 2 views "user_en" and "user_fr".<BR> "user_en" would be in english and user_fr in french<BR><BR>Having one view "user_all" and 2 store procedure "GetUserEn" "GetUserFr"<BR> "user_all" would have both the english and french<BR> GetUserEn would only get the english part of "user_all"<BR> GetUserFr would only get the french part of "user_all"<BR><BR>Having just 2 store procedure<BR><BR>Or is there a better way ?<BR><BR>--------------------<BR><BR>Example of my table<BR><BR>[user]<BR>ID<BR>kind_of_user<BR>...<BR><BR>[String]<BR>ID<BR>english<BR>french<BR><BR><BR>user.kind_o f_user &#060;-(n)------(1)-&#062; string.id