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    Hi <BR>I used the form mail ASP code which uses the CDONTS components, to email a form.<BR>The form and ASP actually worked well, when I tested in a testing server(Win 2000) but the form didnt detect the ASP file, when I put that in the actual server(I guess it is Unix based). So what would be the problem? Is that the CDONTS not support<BR>certain kind of servers?? or is it like generally ASP itself does not support Unix servers.??<BR>

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    generally speaking, ASP is not supported on Unix based servers unless the have ChiliASP installed. in that case, CDONTS is still not supported, since that&#039;s part of the Windows-based IIS SMTP server.<BR><BR>so, can you clarify what you mean by &#039;didn&#039;t detect the asp file&#039; please?<BR><BR>j<BR>

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