using ASP to force open a PDF?

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Thread: using ASP to force open a PDF?

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    I&#039;m looking to basically call a PDF file much like an image to display in an ASP/HTML page. What I need to do is contain the PDF into a frame with the other frame being info I list about the PDF. <BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea how to basically force the PDF to open via code so I can put it in the frame? As of now I have to have a link then they open it...yada yada. I&#039;d like to retrieve the PDf from the DB and have it display, not a link. <BR><BR>I can give more info if needed, but has anyone ever had to do this before (I&#039;d think so...but you never know I guess).<BR><BR>Thanks so much<BR>

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    You can&#039;t *force* the pdf to open. It opens on the client&#039;s machine and if they don&#039;t have AdobeReader then they can&#039;t even open it! <BR><BR>I have the reader and if I click a link to a pdf it opens right up. I don&#039;t understand your link question, just make the pdf the source for your frame. <BR><BR>If you want to get the pdf from the DB check out this article.<BR>

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