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    One of the current articles (11/28) was about a closed recordset from a command and to set the no count off in the stored proc. Another way to avoid the error is to use the command object in ADO with the optional parameter adExecuteNoRecords. Direct from Microsoft:<BR><BR>Indicates that the command text is a command or stored procedure that does not return rows (for example, a command that only inserts data). If any rows are retrieved, they are discarded and not returned.<BR><BR>In my company I don&#039;t have the authority to change stored proc&#039;s and other people may rely on a rowcount for other processing. Adding this option to my code solves the problem.<BR><BR>John Wright<BR><BR>

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    Default thanks for the tip

    but this would no help in the case that you *do* need to get back some results, after executing some other statements.<BR><BR>However nice to see that people actually read the stuff *and* give their own thoughts on the topic.

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