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    I have a list box on my previous page. I am trying to pass it to a page with my Stored Procedure save on it. I need to split the list box up into ten possible values. This is the code that I have:Dim MedicineTypeCode<BR>MedicineTypeCode = split(Request.Form("selitems", ", ")<BR>MedicineTypeCode(01) <BR>MedicineTypeCode(02)<BR>MedicineTypeCode(03)<B R>MedicineTypeCode(04)<BR>MedicineTypeCode(05)<BR> MedicineTypeCode(06)<BR>MedicineTypeCode(07)<BR>Me dicineTypeCode(08)<BR>MedicineTypeCode(09)<BR>Medi cineTypeCode(10)<BR><BR>Is this correct. Also what do I do if there is not ten?<BR><BR>

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    After the split your array would start with element zero not one. If you want to find how many elements are in the array after split you can use UBOUND:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Once you get the value from ubound you could use a for next loop to retreive the values and insert them into your database or stored procedure.<BR><BR>

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