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    I have my simple table with 5 columns and about 2000 rows. And I have 2 questions.<BR><BR>How serious problem for server is to select the whole table and then showing user only his 10 rows he wanted to see ?<BR><BR>Wouldn&#039;t be better to select only these 10 rows he wanted ?<BR><BR>But how can I do that if there is no LIMIT in access ?<BR><BR>The main question is "Is it problem for server to select 2000 rows ?"<BR><BR>.....Excuse my english.

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    TOP will solve your problem? <BR><BR>As to whether or not, 2000 rows is a problem, it may, or may not be. It probably won&#039;t be hard to figure it out. <BR><BR>Just take the amount of memory that you are using with each row, and mulitply it.

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    If your site not get many hits, it might not be a problem. But it would of course be MUCH better to only retrieve the rows that the user is actually going to see.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure what you mean by LIMIT, but Access does support TOP<BR><BR>E.g.<BR><BR>Select TOP 10 * from MyTable<BR><BR>This will return only 10 rows of data.<BR><BR>Or you could try using a where clause to limit the data to just those rows the user is meant to see.<BR><BR>Or you might be able to use paging to only display the 1st 10 records.

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