Background<BR>MS Access / SQL Server db<BR>Content Managed Site<BR>Page content/ product details etc lives in dB<BR>ASP pages create content on the fly ...<BR><BR>Requirement<BR>I need to provide a "search this site" facility, and need a W2K product that will crawl/index my site and preferably has an ASP object I can use to perform the querys( don&#039;t want to have to use **their** templates/search pages)<BR><BR>Any pointers please .....<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Problem<BR><BR>A new (%^*&(*&$&#039;ers!) requirement has been dropped in my lap that the site needs it&#039;s own search. Now thenature of the site means that pages know what bit of the database they need to access for content, but as the content is reused the convers is not true (you can&#039;t look at a dB entry and know what page it appears on) -- so writing a straight forward dB search aint gonna do it for me.<BR><BR>Index service is NO good to me as it is file and not http:// page based in it&#039;s indexing, which is why I am now needing help!<BR><BR>I actually need an index what the browser sees product, that wont cost an arm an a leg (which puts verity out the picture!)