I am trying to parse stored procedures to extract parameter information. For example, I want to know the position of &#039;AS&#039; (the &#039;AS&#039; that follows the last parameter) in the following stored procedure:<BR><BR>Create Procedure myStoredProcedure<BR>@myParameter1 As Int,<BR>@myParameter2 As Varchar(200),<BR>@myParameter3 As Int<BR>As<BR>Select Field4 As TestName, Field5 As TestName1<BR>From myTable<BR>Where Field1 = @myParameter1<BR>And Field2 = @myParameter2<BR>And Password = @myParameter3<BR><BR>Notice that the there are a couple &#039;As&#039; statements in the query itself (after the one I am after).<BR><BR>Anyone have any idea how this can be done? What the RegEx would look like to match this &#039;AS&#039;.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Alex