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    I am passing the following variable to another which is used in a link and redirets to a new page, passing the context varible<BR><BR>When I use an apostrophe the page will give back an error when I use Server.urlencode but will work when I use Replace. Why? I need to use server.urlencode as the apostrophe is part of the primary key when retreiving from the DB.<BR><BR><BR>Context=" Carol&#039;s hat"<BR><BR>strDeleteHref = "javascript:location.href=&#039;novell_context.asp ?context="& Replace(Context,"&#039;","") &"&#039;;" <BR><BR>strDeleteHref = "javascript:location.href=&#039;novell_context.asp ?context="& Server.urlEncode(Context) &"&#039;;" <BR> <BR>

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    This is still related to the original thread, if you keep starting new threads, it will confuse people that have been helping<BR><BR>mj

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    Default Worked perfectly for me...

    ...I just cloned that code (the URLEncode version), and then added<BR><BR>&#060;FORM&#062;<BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Button onClick="&#060;%=strDeleteHref%&#062;"&#062;<BR>&# 060;/FORM&#062;<BR><BR>and it worked like a charm. You know, it would help *tons* if you would give more details! You say "the page will give back an error..." Great. What KIND of error? *WHICH* page? The one with this code of the "novell_context.asp" page? If the latter, then how can we possibly guess what is going wrong when you show neither the code nor the error message?<BR><BR>The more info you give (okay, okay...within reason) the more help you get. We&#039;re psychotic, but we aren&#039;t psychic.<BR>

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