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    How do you use the character in asp <BR>e.g.<BR>I want to assign a string to a varaible <BR>x= "Hello there"<BR>but I want to use the " in the sentance itself<BR><BR>eg<BR><BR>x= "Hello there "tom""<BR>I heard you can use the. does anyone know?<BR><BR>

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    just double your double quotes in your string, no need to use the escape character. look in the faq&#039;s about this, i believe it is under the same faq about apostrophe&#039;s in sql statements<BR><BR>mj

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    Default Backslash only used in JScript...

    ...not in VBScript.<BR><BR>Yes, I JScript (and in Java, C, and C++), you would do:<BR><BR>x = "Hello there \"tom\" ";<BR><BR>But, as MJ said, in VBScript you just "double up" the quotes:<BR><BR>x = "Hello there ""tom"" ";<BR><BR>

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