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    Default web mapping software?

    I am looking for some type of software that can allow me to easily plot data from a SQL database to a map (in a web browser)<BR><BR>any ideas?

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    Default Easily? No...

    ..but there are several web based mapping software companys out there. Environmental Systems Research Institute (www.esri.com) has ArcIMS, AutoDesk has MapGuide (www.autodesk.com), MapInfo Corporation (www.mapinfo.com) also has a product. Crystal Reports has some mapping functionality built in, but I don&#039;t know if they can serving over the web.<BR><BR>There are also some ASP components for mapping that can be found on wwww.aspin.com (just type mapping in the search). ASPMap, DemisMapServer are two that can be found there.<BR><BR>The only one I have used (for the past few years at least) is ArcIMS. It requires a JavaServlet and support HTML/Javascript clients, ActiveX (for both VB and ASP), and Cold Fusion.

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