How does one use the ASP loadXML function to pass in a string <BR><BR>basically - I have a query which I&#039;ve set up in my db like the following below and now I want to pass that recordset in - but it doesn&#039;t appear to let me do this - my recordset keeps coming up empty <BR><BR>set rsXML = dbObj.GetRecordSet("XML_TEST", param1)<BR> <BR>&#039;Load the XML<BR> <BR>set xmldoc = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR> xmldoc.async = false<BR> xmldoc.loadXML (rsXML)<BR><BR>after this code I&#039;m setting up the xsl (almost the same code as above except I&#039;m calling a file on the server using Server.Mappath - which is on the server) (my xml is in the db) then I&#039;m using a <BR><BR>Response.Write(xmldoc.transformNode(xsl) ) <BR><BR>to mend the xml and xsl together<BR>