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    The following will not allow for the deletion ..any ideas<BR><BR>strDeleteHref = "javascript:if (confirm(&#039;Warning: Are you sure that you want to delete " & GetEmployeeName(LastName, FirstName) & " (" & EmpID & ")?&#039;))" & _<BR>"location.href=&#039;bisd_assign.asp?bus_unit _code=" & Server.urlEncode(BusUnitCode) & "&division=" & Server.urlEncode(Division) & "&emp_id=" & EmpID & "&form_action=DELETE&#039;;"<BR>

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    ...are you talking about????<BR><BR>(1) All you have showed is an assignment to a string. You haven&#039;t even told us what *language* is doing the assignment.<BR><BR>(2) The contents of that string contain nothing but some JavaScript code that, *IF* it were executed, would ask for a confirmation and then, if confirmed, send the browser off to some other page.<BR><BR>You do NOT show:<BR><BR>(A) The context under which that assignment is made.<BR>(B) The context under which the string created by that assignment is used.<BR>(C) The ASP page that the user is sent to when he/she answers YES to the confirm.<BR><BR>You ask if we have any ideas, so here are some:<BR><BR>(I.) I have the idea that this doesn&#039;t belong in the ADVANCED forum.<BR>(II.) I have the idea that few of us here are clairvoyant enough to be able to conjure, out of thin air, all the missing code that you declined to show us.<BR>(III.) I have the idea that you got this code from somebody else and have no idea what it is doing.<BR>(IV.) I have the idea that I am pretty sure of ideas I. and II., but I&#039;ll let you prove me wrong about III., if you wish.<BR><BR>

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