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    Default expand, collapse using JScript

    My task is to create a webpage for FAQ&#039;s (Questions and Answers). <BR>I am thinking to do like this.. <BR>All the questions displayed at one time. If somebody click on the question, the answer is displayed. And they click on the question again, the answer part is collapsed. <BR>I don&#039;t have much knowledge on JScript to do this. If anybody can send me some sample code, it would be greately appreciated. I tried to search on internet at different sites for help but couldn&#039;t able to find sample code. I appreciate your help.<BR>Thanks..JY

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    Default You can check out here for a working example...

    ... but you&#039;re not gonna enjoy reverse-engineering it :)<BR><BR>http://tizero.usr.dsi.unimi.it/~time-01/menu.html

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    Default doesn't work in Netscape 4.04 ( & Opera ). An

    i have a similar requirement, collapse & expanding a tree. Can anybody suggest a cross-browser solution to this that works really fast & looks elegant . <BR><BR>where can i find the best resources for CSS-Positioning

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