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    I am used to working with Frontpage and when I change a filename, all hyperlinks that link to that file are automatically changed. In Visual Studio.NET, when I change the filename in the solution explorer, the links don&#039;t get updated...<BR>That&#039;s not a major problem for small sites, but for bigger ones that is a MAJOR issue.<BR><BR>I am sure there must be way to update hyperlinks in VS.NET, I just can&#039;t seem to find it.<BR><BR>Anyone has some tips about this?<BR><BR>Thanks very much!<BR><BR>Rob Dirne

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    it&#039;s just a tip you want, I&#039;m pretty sure building/creating BIG website using FrontPage isn&#039;t the best approach.<BR><BR>We all know that FrontPage creates extra code that we usually don&#039;t need. Now FrontPage is great for beginners and small web sites (like a couple of html files and perhaps a couple of ASP pages also) but not for E-commerce, B2B or any web APPLICATIONS<BR><BR>Don&#039;t get me wrong here I know people use it at it works great for them but there is so much you can do with a WISIWIG drag and drop kind of utility. You better off learning HTML from scratch with a good book and test with Explorer and Netscape cause you know FrontPage creates code for Explorer and NOT Netscape.<BR><BR>Bottom line if you&#039;re creating BIG web sites/applications better use another tool then FrontPage. I think knowing/understand exactly what is going on will benefit you in the long wrong. <BR>And I&#039;m not saying this to you I&#039;m saying it so that others can unerstand and perhaps share the same feeling :)<BR><BR>As for your problem, I&#039;m pretty sure VS.NET has some sort of thing like FrontPage perhaps look in the "options" window. <BR>Otherwise they just don&#039;t then again how often do you have to change file names ?<BR><BR>design you app/site using a flowchart with Visio then add file names then start coding so you wont have to change file names that is my only tip!<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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