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    shinto Guest

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    Hi all,<BR> My doubt goes like this. I have opened hotmail on two browsers. We know that if we are entering the username and password and submit, the resultant page will be loaded in the browser where we entered the username and password. Now my question is having opened the sites in two browsers in the same machine, how the server know to which browser the information to be sent? Please help...<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>jaison.<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    The server doesn&#039t know or care. Keeping track of information recieved by the client is the job of the Operating System -- which is why Microsoft can be proud of Internet Connection Sharing in Win98 (even though *nix has been doing the same thing via IP Masquerading for years). <BR><BR>There&#039s probably a more technical specific answer concerning the addressing layers of TCP/IP (which I learned a couple years back and haven&#039t used since), but for ASP development, I&#039m not sure how it would apply.

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