Is it possible to Upload Files to a Folder that that the user selects? I am using a proper Upload program to do this, so I can get my files to upload to a folder I embed within the code. However, I would like the users to choose the folder. I have a File type box for the users to browse to the file, then I have three select boxes for them to choose a department, class and subclass for that file. By using the values of the three select boxes, i would like to build a dynamic filepath. <BR><BR>Something like:<BR>Upload.Save "F:SetsToolsPreviews\" & FileDpt & "\" & FileClass & "\" & FileSclass<BR><BR>When the file submits, it only goes into the "Previews" folder and ignores the rest of the path that I am trying to build. <BR><BR>Is there a way around this? Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>