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    I am using a command object and parameter type adLongVarChar to pass values to a SQL Server stored precedure which takes a parameter of type TEXT.<BR><BR>This works perfectly fine on the production server, but on my development system I get an error: 0x80040E14.<BR><BR>If I change the stored procedure parameter from TEXT to VARCHAR, the error disappears and it works fine.<BR><BR>Why does my development system not like me passing values to stored procedures that takes parameters of type TEXT?<BR><BR>I run Win 2000, SQL Server 2000 (Eval), IIS 5, Norton AntiVirus.

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    Default I don't think it's ADO...

    I&#039;m betting it&#039;s simply a difference in the version of SQL Server you have on the two machines?<BR><BR>Since a datatype of TEXT is, after all, essentially the same as VARCHAR(2000000000) [or something of that nature], it could well be that the one system quite reasonably feels that it doesn&#039;t have enough buffer space to handle a parameter that might get that big.<BR><BR>But, anyway, what is the error *MESSAGE* that goes with that error number you show? *That* would be a lot more informative than my guesses, I would guess. &#060;grin? /&#062;<BR><BR>

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