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    Marc D. M. Guest

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    I&#039m looking to use an ASP script to retrieve an email from the server and read the info from it. Say for example if I want to update a particular part of the site by just sending an email to the particular address that the ASP script will read.<BR>Help!! Please

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    the following may help .. it is bits from a full automated send/receive email app that i wrote:<BR><BR>i notice leading spaces are often removed here so you will have to format it yourself. I use NT4 and have the SMTP service running.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> set oSession=CreateObject("CDONTS.Session")<BR> sName="fred": sAddress=""<BR> oSession.LogonSMTP sName, sAddress<BR><BR> set oInbox = oSession.Inbox<BR> <BR> IF oInbox.Messages.Count=0 then<BR> response.write("There are no messages in the inbox")<BR> else <BR> Set colMessages = oInbox.Messages<BR> For iLoop = 1 to colMessages.Count<BR> Set oMessage = colMessages(iLoop)<BR> Response.Write("===========================<BR>")< BR> Response.Write("Subject :"&oMessage.Subject&"<BR>")<BR> Response.Write("Sender :"&oMessage.Sender&"<BR>")<BR> Response.Write("TimeSent:"&oMessage.TimeSent&"<BR> ")<BR> Response.Write("Text :"&oMessage.Text&"<BR>")<BR> oMessage.Delete<BR> next<BR> end if %&#062;<BR><BR>good luck

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    another John Guest

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    I copied this from a response below for you:<BR><BR>Just install the CDO for NT as part of the NT option pack 4.0 installation. This should install the CDONTS service that will allow you to mail from an ASP page using the CDONTS components. Make sure you have access to an SMTP server on the network.<BR><BR>John

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