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Thread: how to call to javascript in one form

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    hello..<BR>i have two javascript function <BR>how to make this two function one form<BR>i think the problem is here/...<BR><BR><BR>&#060;FORM ACTION="AddUser.asp" NAME="frmCustomer" METHOD="post" <BR> onSubmit="return VerifyData()"&#062;<BR>&#060;FORM ACTION="AddUser.asp" NAME="frmCustomer" METHOD="post" <BR> onSubmit="return validateform()"&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>thank you..<BR><BR>

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    Default Several ways...

    (1) Have on of the functions call the other one:<BR><BR>function validateform( )<BR>{<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; ... do all the code you have there now ...<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; // last thing in this function:<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; return VerifyData( );<BR>}<BR><BR>(2) Why have two functions? Just put all the code in one of them into the other and only have one function?<BR><BR>(3) Easiest change of all:<BR><BR>&#060;FORM ACTION="AddUser.asp" ... onSubmit="return VerifyData() && validateform();"&#062;<BR><BR>Probably other ways, but those three ought to give you enough choices.<BR><BR>

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