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    I am trying to make some test to see if I could move some asp applications from the current server to a new linux chilisoft server. The problem is that some apps are using the S.A. Fileup component. ChiliUpload seems to be lacking some methods that were usefull in SAFileup. Is there a way to get the form elements as in the SAFileup ? Like Uploader.Form("fieldName") ?? I found some trick to get the field elements but i&#039;d like to know if there is a less twisted way to do the job...<BR>Also, is there a way to make multiple upload in one shot ?<BR><BR>Thanks , jeb.

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    Default What you see... [huge sigh] what you get.<BR><BR>&#062; I found some trick to get the field elements ...<BR><BR>Are you referring to the trick I came up with, where you send the form elements via the URL (that is, as the QueryString) while you send only the file to the Upload component? Yeah, it&#039;s a hack. But it&#039;s the only thing I&#039;ve found that works.<BR><BR>Might I suggest you send a request to the powers-that-be at ChiliSoft. isn&#039;t a bad place to start, but getting to the marketing people might work better.<BR><BR>

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