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    I have some code that runs a lot calculations, it uses several Functions, one in particular that is of a fair length. I am having difficulties with the Stack Space being used up as the Function in question will be called from anywhere between 500 and 3,000 times before the page is complete.<BR><BR>I have only been doing ASP for 4 months, but i&#039;m sure this can be done, i&#039;m probably missing something basic. <BR><BR>The question is, how can I use a Recursive Function without risking the Stack Space problem?

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    Default Sorry...I think you are stuck...

    I do not believe you *can* change the stack space allocated to VBScript or JScript. <BR><BR>This is not the fault of the scripting languages, as when either "engine" is started, you can pass the desired stack size to it. [This was true in version 3.x of the languages, and I see no reason to believe it would have changed in later versions.] <BR><BR>*BUT*<BR><BR>But the ASP engine (which really *is* completely separate from the languages! note that the languages are *also* used by the Windows Script Host and Internet Explorer) simply passes a *constant* value to the language engines! SO... Unless something has changed in IIS 5--unless MS has provided some way of telling IIS to give a different value to the language engine(s)--you are out of luck.<BR><BR>

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