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    Hi.<BR>I am updating the webpage:<BR>The company gave me webpages in .html format and asked me to update them. When I went to upload them to the webpage, I found that it is running an asp system. I have never used .asp before in my life and therefore do not know how to update the pages. The site appears to be based on one asp file called main.asp. All of the pages have addresses like &#039;;.<BR>whereas the pages I have to upload are like &#039;welcome.html&#039;.<BR>I would be greatful if someone could tell me how to go about updating the online pages, using frontpage.<BR><BR>

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    Default Could you clarify, please?

    Your question is rather vague, I don&#039;t understand what the problem is. A page with an ASP extension can handle HTML just dandy, save the .HTML files as .ASP, and you&#039;re all set. Is that what you&#039;re asking?

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