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    Hi again!!<BR><BR>I have an asp page that displays new starters to the company. For each new starter there is a &#039;click here&#039; for more info link that basically uses javascript and &#060;div&#062; tags to display more info about the user.<BR><BR>My problem is that i need to be able to determine when a page has fully loaded. At the moment i am loading text and images.... as expected the text loads first and the images slowly &#039;catch up&#039; - however if the user clicks on ths more info link then the page stops loading and the some of the graphics are lost!<BR><BR>Does this make any sense at all, and has anyone got any ideas??<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Steve

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    Default Pre-load you page and Images

    Why dont you pre-load your page with Javascript before displaying it to the client?

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