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    OK,<BR><BR>I admit it!<BR><BR>I am totally LOST with the relational database stuff! I have single table ADO access working well to add, edit, display and delete records from a single table. But, multiple tables on a single page, pulling specific fields out of different tables and ADDING data to yet another table, has me more than a little confused.<BR><BR>What would be a good starting point for me? My current project is a reseller database, with a reseller info table and a reseller activity table.<BR><BR>TIA!

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    There is a good article on 4Guys that should help you out with the relational database stuff.<BR><BR>There are a series of articles that focus on the importance of data modeling, which is the process of building a data model for your database. Check it out at:<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps! :) Happy Programming!

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