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    This is the query I&#039;m running, to change room prices.RT is a field name.<BR>Keep getting error message:<BR>"Missing semicolon (;) at end of SQL statement."<BR>When i hit submit on previous page<BR><BR>SQL = " INSERT INTO Rooms (RoomPrice) "<BR>SQL = SQL & " VALUES (&#039;" & RoomPrice & "&#039;) "<BR>SQL = SQL & " WHERE RT = &#039;" & RoomType & "&#039; "<BR>

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    Well, what do you think &#039;Missing semicolon (;) at end of SQL statement&#039;. Have you tried putting one there??<BR><BR>For your other question, check the docs for DISTINCT and GROUP BY

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    Default Not in this case

    A ; at the end will not help to solve this problem.<BR><BR>You have mixed the syntax for update and insert.<BR><BR>update t set v = &#039;new value&#039; where k = &#039;some value&#039;<BR><BR>vs<BR><BR>insert into t(k,v) values(&#039;key&#039;,none key&#039;)

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