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    Hi all, <BR>I am doing a &#039;who is online&#039; search in my site where you can view other people who are online. I have server-side code to change the user login status if the user logsout(he uses the logout button) or if the session time out(with the browser still open) . But if the user closes the browser and goes way, the server side code doesnt seem to work and his login status does not change to &#039;logged off&#039;. It seems to work after a very long time(say 1 or 2 weeks), but not when the session time out expires(set to 30 min). Can anyone suggest a javascript solution for this which works like this: <BR>when the user closes his browser without logging off, an javascript function works whch passes the information to the server? <BR><BR>Please help <BR>TIA

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